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​Dr. Ma Jiyun

Chair of Physics & Engineering Departments


Dr. Huang Xiaojun

Chair of Chinese Liberal Arts Department


Moana Teriitehau

Chair of English Liberal Arts Department

Born and raised in the province of Shandong, China, Dr. Ma is a passionate and dedicated teacher . . .

Dr. Huang Xiaojuan joined Dalton Academy five years ago. We are thankful she decided to . . .

Moana Teriitehau is an admirable, inspiring and progressive educator devoted to his students . . .

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James Vaughn

Co-Chair of Global Studies



Jacqueline Wheelock

Co-Chair of Global Studies Department


Dr. Zhang Weibo

Chair of Biology & Chemistry and Mathematics Department

James Vaughn is committed to curriculum design that is both tailored to students’ interests . . .

Jackie Wheelock has been an important part of the Dalton faculty since 2019. As Co-Chair of the . . .

Dr. Zhang has a passion and dedication for life sciences. Her background is in immunology . . .


Alex Sicurella

Associate Chair of Arts Department


Dr. Garay Menicucci

Bridging Program Coordinator

Since 2016, Alex Sicurella has been a meaningful part of the Dalton learning community.

Dr. Garay Meniccuci is an inspiring teacher who has developed an Experiential Learning Course . . .

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