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Welcome from Head of Dalton

Dr. Zeng graduated from Peking University, majoring in Chemistry. Then, she furthered her study at Monash University in Australia and received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. After graduation, she worked as a chemistry teacher at the Affiliated High School of Peking University.


Thanks to Dr. Zeng’s rich research experience, she knows how important it is for students to learn chemistry in context to real-world scenarios. The Head of Dalton Academy position allows Dr. Zeng to concentrate on leading student development with love and wisdom. She always dedicates herself to being a compassionate, enthusiastic, and effective school leader who will foster a supportive and transparent community.

Dear Friends,


I appreciate your interest in Dalton Academy! Dalton was founded in 2010 as an experimental international program of The Affliated High School of Peking University, one of the best public high schools in China. Dalton is grounded in building a global educational community seeking to best prepare students for their futures.


Dalton is a dynamic, student-centered environment that empowers the leaders and intellectual pioneers of the future with the knowledge, skills and experience to impact the world positively. Dalton designs and develops its curriculum from Grade 10 to 12 to maximize personalizing the learning experience. Classes on campus are embedded with seminar discussions, projects, independent research, and experiential learning. Internships, co-op programs and exchange programs are also provided as opportunities to reach out to the real world for practical application. As a result, students enjoy experiences that transform them into perceptive, critical, and insightful thinkers in a way that spans traditional disciplinary boundaries in pursuit of knowledge. 


On our unique learning journey, a Dalton student is immersed in Eastern and Western cultures. We use a combination of Western and Chinese teaching faculty, methodologies, and content to provide students with a rich educational foundation. Students are prepared for life abroad, with a heavy focus on the English language, experience in the seminars and discussions Western classrooms use, and exposure to other cultures.


At Dalton, we are a member of a community that places the highest importance on knowing, respecting, and valuing each other. Our role as global citizens gives us the responsibility to take charge of improving the lives of not only ourselves but of all people and life on our planet.


Dalton Academy is a vibrant and innovative place of learning, and while this website might give you some senses of what makes us unique, you should contact us to discover why we are so different from other schools in China. I look forward to welcoming you to Dalton Academy.



Yao Zeng, Ph.D.

Head of Dalton Academy

The Affiliated High School of Peking University

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