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Dalton Academy

Dalton Academy (Dalton) is the only of the Affiliated High School of Peking University’s six academies to offer an international curriculum. Dalton was founded in 2010 as an international program embedded within the Affiliated High School of Peking University, serving 10th to 12th grade students who aspire to study abroad. Dalton offers an organic, student centered, research focused and project based educational experiences. We not only expect our students to morph into astute academics, but also to develop into academics who will positively impact and enhance the educational experience of their peers.

Our Mission, Core Values & Philosophies


The mission of Dalton Academy is to inspire curiosity, creativity, compassion, and leadership through innovative teaching and dedicated educators. We are committed to helping our students to develop a passion for learning and supporting them to develop self-motivation, responsibility, and an enthusiasm for learning. The social and environmental responsibility of our learning community emboldens students to become dedicated, responsible global citizens who bring unique and exceptional thinking everywhere they go.

Core values

Curiosity: a desire to learn

Creativity: using imagination and knowledge to

                    create something novel and useful

Responsibility: to be accountable for your actions

Transformation: meaningful change

Leadership: to serve our community through dedicated,

                       committed action


Dalton Academy curricula and school culture are designed around the following educational philosophies:

  • Student-centered: classes focus on students’ interests and academic needs. Students will learn through seminar discussions, projects, independent research, and experiential learning. Students choice is important, both for personalizing the learning experience and for preparation for future life.

  • Bilingual and Bicultural: classes and programs are taught in English and Chinese. We use a combination of Western and Chinese faculty, teaching methodologies, and content to provide students with a rich educational foundation. Students are prepared for life abroad, with a heavy focus on English language production and foreign culture exposure. This approach is blended with an exploration of Chinese literature, history, and culture.

  • Experiential: students learn through direct experience as well as collaborative reflection on those experiences.

  • Multidisciplinary: faculty and students are encouraged to study and research in a ways that span traditional disciplinary boundaries, in pursuit of knowledge.

  • Research-focused: students are prepared for the rigors of post-secondary level research.

  • Service-based: students gain empathy towards others and an awareness of diversity by learning about different communities and by making their own communities better.

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