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Eminent Scholars Program

The goal of the Eminent Scholars Program is to equip Dalton students with the spirit of inquiry by providing them with top academic resource. In addition to academic development, Eminent Scholars Program is dedicated to cultivating outstanding citizens who actively pay attention to social issues, create social values, and achieve social impacts.



Dalton Academy's Eminent Scholars Program selects only top 7% Dalton students for a more individualized, interdisciplinary, and in-depth academic training, which is supported by the Head of Dalton and Department Chairs with rich teaching resource and experience. Students in Eminent Scholars Program have the opportunity to study at Peking University with undergraduate students and, after graduation, students will receive an official transcript of Peking University, which serves as an important support to prove their academic level.  




The Vision of Politics, Economy, and Philosophy


Music and Mathematics


Historical Theory

Meanwhile, students in Eminent Scholars Program have the opportunity to enter a variety of cutting-edge labs, such as Peking University-Tsinghua University Joint Center for Life Sciences, Institute for Immunology (Tsinghua University), Institutes of Physics (Chinese Academy of Science), and so on.

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