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Spring Events


March 7 2022, Xinmin house kicked off the Eleventh Annual Soccer Cup Tournament with a 5-3 win over Zhizhi house. Above, Xinmin scores a goal on a penalty kick. For those who would like to watch a game click words "see schedule" to see the schedule.

Soccer Cup Tournament

Every year for the past 11 years there has been an inter-house soccer tournament at the Affiliated High School of Peking University. Similar to the PKUS Basketball Tournament, the Soccer Cup Tournament corrals all of the students from the school together in a joint appreciation of athletics. Defender on the Xinmin house soccer team, Li Weidong, shared his favorite moment of the first game, "(my favorite moment was  when) our captain weaved his way through three Zhizhi house defenders and shot the ball into the top right corner of the goal." The result of the first game was a 5-3 win for Dalton Academy's Xinmin House over the main school's Zhizhi House.

The Inaugural Dalton Spirit Week

The inaugural Dalton Spirit Week was held the week of November 22 2021. It hosted a wide array of events including: The French Culture Exhibition, Blackout Poetry, the first Rock Talk, and a student-faculty sports day among others. The week was imagined by Mr. Alex Sicurella and Dr. Sean Toland who sought to provide a replacement for the Experiential Learning Project (ELP) week which was postponed due to a resurgence of virus cases. Faculty and students alike worked together to make batches of lemonade out of this originally unfortunate batch of lemons. Click the slideshow to the left to read a full recap of the week!

Spirit Week



Associate Chair of the Art Department Alex Sicurella in the foreground represents the Dalton faculty team shooting for two, while English Teacher Nathan Raths waits in the background ready to defend.

Autumn Activities



Dalton Academy mentors came out in full force to support the Zhi Shan 至善 and  Xin Min 新 民 houses' men's and women's basketball teams. The aforementioned houses are comprised of Dalton Academy mentees who competed in the PKUS Basketball Tournament Opening Ceremony.

2021 Full of Faculty Festivities

Three faculty events were hosted early on in fall 2021. On August 3o, the year kicked off with a day of ice breaker activities, informative presentations, department meetings and new faculty orientation. On September 8, while everyone was still sporting their back to school haircuts, faculty seized the opportunity to pose for a few shots during faculty picture day. September ended with Dalton Academy mentors coming out in full force, on September 26, to support their Dalton mentee's during the opening ceremony of the PKUS Basketball Tournament, where Chinese Basketball stars such as Zhang Qingpeng sat in attendance.

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