Chinese Liberal Arts

Chinese Liberal Arts

First Snow of 2021

First Snow of 2021

Inter-house Basketball Tournament

Inter-house Basketball Tournament

ELA with Ms. Jeannette Kranick

ELA with Ms. Jeannette Kranick

Biology Student at Principals Event

Biology Student at Principals Event

​The Latest News

Dr. Spencer A. Fowler, CEO & Superintendent of International Programs, BDFZ Education Group sharing his warm and inspiring welcome message to the Dalton family.

Dear Students, Faculty, Colleagues, Parents, Alumni, and Friends,


It is my distinguished honor to welcome you all to the 2021-2022 academic year. The milestones we have reached as a community over the years never cease to amaze me. This year, is one of personal significance, marking my sixth year having the privilege of leading our inspirational and prestigious academic program. Honored to be the longest serving head of school, I have graduated approximately 600 pupils who went on to attend, or have graduated from, many of the most world’s most prestigious universities. I am fortunate to have worked closely with two cycles of Dalton students, from their Senior I years through their Senior III years. With similar excitement, I announce


that our Haikou campus in Hainan is commencing its third year of operation, on course to graduate its second class. Progress throughout these years, in Beijing, Haikou and beyond, has been nothing short of remarkable. 


Since first setting foot on the campus of The Affiliated High School of Peking University’s Dalton Academy, my life has changed dramatically; I will forever be grateful that fate connected me to a program boasting the world’s most unique approach to education. When I set out to work at Dalton, I never could have imagined an education program like this would have been viable; a program that is simultaneously open, free, and enlightening, a program capable of empowering teachers and students to advance global progress. Our community has remained steadfast in our philosophy, continuing to rise to every challenge, even in the face of recent obstacles, most notably the infamous COVID-19 pandemic. 


As we begin another academic cycle, a sense of nostalgia permeates throughout our campus, coupled with a renewed sense of purpose, bolstered by a commitment to forging the effort of education’s needed reform. Every year presents another opportunity for our program to leverage its unique talents, interests, networks, and resources in order to spread a Dalton sized impact across the world.  Our program’s story speaks to endless possibilities as a result of its organic, nimble, and agile nature. The world needs creative problem solvers, our students, those who are passionately making a difference. Our modus operandi is not pigeon-holing gifted students with the singular focus of preparing them for standardized exams; it is to demonstrate to the world what education can be, an education empowering our students to contribute to progress, everywhere from academia to industry.  


Every moment, relationship, and opportunity should be met with open-mindedness, love, and unwavering efforts to leave one’s mark on this world. Our individual dreams must collectively include supporting others who seek to realize their own. Our program embodies Frost’s road less traveled. It speaks to the level of fulfilment that our lives can reach when we decide to take chances, believe in ourselves, and embrace those around us. 


In the succinct and immortal words of Brian Tracy: “What would you dare to dream if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”



Sincerely yours,


Dr. Spencer A. Fowler 

CEO & Superintendent


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela


Passionate Educators

James Spires is recognized as a hard-working, student-centered educator who continually seeks to improve learning. He earned a B.A. degree in Music Education and also received a Certificate of Music Technology, focusing mainly on studio recording. Besides being an extremely devoted teacher who goes the extra mile for his students, James is also a passionate saxophonist who performs in various festivals and venues with his band Stevie Mac and the MacDaddies, declared the best Beijing band in the year 2016. Dalton Academy is privileged to have him as he can pass along his stage experience while customizing instruction for each individual student. With James, the students can learn how to perform, how to minimize mistakes, write their own songs, and perform in front of people. He teaches The Language of Music, Survey of Western Music History, Fretted String Ensemble and a class called Ensemble Performance Practices. 


Chinese Liberal Arts Department Chair

Dr. Huang Xiaojuan joined Dalton Academy two years ago and we are so thankful she decided to embark with us on this meaningful journey of transforming education. Devoted educator, Dr. Huang truly understands our students’ reality as she also graduated from The Affiliated High School of Peking University. She has an incredible academic background: Master’s degree completed at Peking University and a Ph.D. at Princeton University. Dr. Huang has lived abroad for a total of ten years (United States and Canada). She also worked in France, Italy and Belgium as a visiting scholar and a postdoctoral fellow focusing her research on religious and social history in pre-modern China for a year. We are extremely fortunate to count Dr. Huang among our faculty members. Not only does she share her rich knowledge with passion to our students but she also incorporates project-based learning into her Chinese Liberal Arts classes so students develop deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in the context of meaningful projects, which help students define their cultural identity and cultural heritage.



Biology & Chemistry Department Chair

Dr. Zhang began her journey as a Microbology Laboratory TA, earning her stipend as a student . She explained, "it was then when I found out many Chinese students were too quiet to express themselves." She took it upon herself to develop a culture where students are encouraged to discuss labs, debate and develop scientific arguments.

Click on Dr. Zhang's photo to read her Faculty Spotlight.


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