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Moana Teriitehau

Moana Teriitehau is an admirable, inspiring and progressive educator devoted to his students. He accepted the challenge of creating the first French language program at Dalton. Moana leads the English Liberal Arts department including the Dalton Writing Center and Writing Lab, which enhance students writing and presentation skills, both academic and professional, as they move forward into higher education. He never ceases to impress people with his enthusiasm and his creativity through involvement in academic projects both in and outside the classroom. From France and French Polynesia, Moana arrived in China in 2014, working in the linguistic department of the French Embassy and teaching at Renmin University where he researched socio-didactics and intercultural interactions in classrooms. He then joined Alliance Française in Beijing before coming to Dalton. His experience and empathy make him a caring and culturally-sensitive educator, building a safe space for students to feel empowered and take risks, express themselves with respect, perfect their analytical skills and grow as individuals. His teaching interests include didactics, language, literature, linguistics, philosophy, sociology and semiology.

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