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Alex Sicurella

Since 2016, Alex Sicurella has been a meaningful part of the Dalton learning community. As a member of the Biology and Chemistry Department, the Fine Arts Department, and previously the College Counseling team, Alex has
brought a dynamic set of multidisciplinary skills and ideas to our academy. Alex’s courses, such as Animal Behavior and Digital Photography, provide students with unique insights and first-hand experiences, through exciting topics and engaging activities. His students not only gain a deeper knowledge of Biology and Fine Arts, but are also inspired to discover their own passions and interests through guided exploration. Recently, Alex has been appointed to the role of Fine Arts Department Associate Chair, in this role he looks forward to using his personal experience in Arts, combined with his deep connection to the Dalton community, to continue growing and developing our current Fine Arts program. His goal is to continue providing opportunities for students to express and push their creativity, along with helping them understand the

value that creativity will serve in whichever passion or interest they may choose to pursue.

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