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Peace Flags in the Wind, Flying from Dalton to D.C.

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

We are delighted to announce that selected works of art created at Dalton under the guidance of world renowned artist Joseph L. Vasile will be on display at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate and Museum located southwest of Washington D.C. in Mount Vernon, Virginia.

In 2019 Vasile came to the Dalton Academy to share with Dalton students his expertise in fine arts. Vasile's famed Peace Flags in the Wind moving art installation began in 2010 as a class project in Miami. The project has blossomed over the years into an exhibit "that uses art as a healing tool to promote messages of peace". The exhibit will be featured alongside activities hosted by the United States Institute of Peace. As part of George Washington's Mount Vernon Arts Family Day, Vasile's moving art installation will serve to remind families to propagate peace.

Dalton students have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from Vasile's unique ability of infusing academic courses taught at Dalton with his creativity and expertise gained in the field. In 2020 Dalton students were able to participate and contribute to Vasile's Peace Flags in the Wind moving art installation as well as a series of his art courses. Vasile's message of spreading peace aligns with the Dalton's five core values of curiosity, creativity, integrity, responsibility and transformation. The students' contribution to Peace Flags in the Wind was an opportunity for Dalton students to apply their creativity, reinforce their integrity, and take responsibility for promoting positive values.

We applaud Vasile for bringing the world closer one flag at a time and are thankful for his contribution to Dalton, a contribution whose legacy you can still find radiating through the halls of Dalton.

Know more about Peace Flags in the Wind at:

Author: Christopher Mahoney Editing: Hongshan

Photo: Joseph L. Vasile


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