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Alumni Spotlight | Huang Sixuan

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Huang Sixuan

Class 2021

NYU Tisch School of the Art, Film & TV

A Proverbial Fork in the Road

When first entering the Affiliated High School of Peking University, I was dazzled by the colorful campus life. Despite believing I was on a clear path studying art, narrowing my focus remained a daunting task, and I wasn’t quite certain how to approach it.

When entering senior one, if I had stepped down the path of studying film and animation, then I would have participated in student associations and drama festivals such as Steel Piano. However, at that time, I was more intrigued by games and graphic design, so I decided to join the Boiling Egg Design Club. My involvement entailed designing posters and surroundings for activities inside and outside the school. The club has long served as a launch pad for many of the school's talented artists and designers. There I acquainted myself with seniors who had similar goals, interests, and hobbies. Many members now form my network of contacts; bringing me luck in the form of opportunities that have allowed me to expand my network and harness other valuable skills.

The Affiliated High School of Peking University's curriculum has a very high degree of freedom, which provides me ample time to pursue my interests. I have participated in a number of film and entertainment design workshops, which have significantly enriched my high school experience. Under the guidance of my teacher, I gradually charted an increasingly clear path for my high school journey. After attending the Rhode Island Institute of Design (RISD) Summer School during my sophomore summer vacation, I gravitated towards studying animation and film.

Do More, Worry Less

As my goal became more well defined, I became increasingly anxious. I wanted to apply to the art school of a comprehensive university, which led me to worry that my scores couldn't satisfy all of their rigid requirements. Although I had maintained a high GPA in school, I was thrown off by the SAT test that was delayed due to the epidemic. Before the test, I set aside plenty of time to study for the SAT, had prepared papers, and even drafted a collection of useful materials. Disappointingly, my thorough preparation and readiness for the exam was thwarted by its abrupt cancellation. As a result of the epidemic situation, school time in the second half of senior two was halved, there was a lack of standardized results, and there were fewer opportunities to participate in activities that could have added to our resumes. Looking at my empty resume, I regretted not planning earlier. When comparing my application with the plethora of successful application cases shared on social media, I questioned whether or not I would be a successful applicant.

I was constantly thinking about this up to the second before receiving my offer from ED school. In hindsight, I realize that I had done enough. My GPA looked good, and my TOEFL score had passed the line. What about all of the worry surrounding SAT scores? In the end they were required by none of my top choices.

In the Boiling Egg Design Club, the campus meme and emoji designed by my team has been disseminated to over 10,000 users. Over the past year, as a team leader, I had a new understanding of the word leadership.

Due to the epidemic, I wasn't involved in many school activities, but I participated in the RISD Summer School as well as film workshop lectures at Columbia University. There, I discovered the type of art I really wanted to focus on. Although I didn't have much in-person school time in the second semester of senior two, I communicated frequently online with my teachers, leveraging this opportunity to enrich my independent research project (IRP). That was the first time I explored the field of artificial intelligence (AI) from the perspective of art. Just when I thought there was no new angle left to view art from, I was awed of the new lens that AI provided. Although it was too late to participate in more extracurricular activities and competitions, my time at home gave me enough time to enrich my collection of works and put aside successful cases. I found that these experiences were more than enough to answer all the questions of university admissions officers. I was a already a well-prepared applicant.

To review and summarize my high school life: not special, not too outstanding, but very rich and interesting. I want to enter the art school of a comprehensive university and become a cross-border commercial artist. I made this sentence the subject of my application, confident that my harnessed skills and range of experiences spoke to the sincerity of my interest in reaching this goal.

The Affiliated High School of Peking University is the cradle of all people with dreams. Thanks to the countless possibilities we are offered, our dreams are coming true.






在水煮蛋设计社团,我和我的团队制作的校园表情包在微信平台发送量过万。一年以来,作为组长也让我对leadership这个词有了新的认知。由于疫情和其他原因,我没有抓住四大赛事的机会,但我参加了罗德岛设计学院的夏校和哥伦比亚大学讲师的电影workshop,并找到了我真正想要学习的艺术。高二下学期虽然没有多少在校时间,我和老师们频繁的线上交流,并利用这段空闲丰富了我的独立研究项目(IRP)—— 这是我第一次从艺术的角度探索人工智能领域,并以一个新的逻辑看待我熟悉到不能再熟悉的视觉艺术。虽然来不及参加更多校外活动和比赛,在家的时光让我有足够时间丰富作品集,这些经历足以回答大学招生官的所有问题了。



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