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Educational Best Practices in the Midst of COVID-19

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Paul Yin is a prominent psychologist and a teacher at Dalton Academy. Born and raised in Beijing, he was accepted into Peking University at the age of 15. He went on to study in the US where he also worked and lived for 22 years in many different fields until his decision to return to China as a volunteer during the SARS epidemic. After returning to China, he went on lecture tours around the country to disseminate knowledge on good mental health and parenting. He is best known for his work on crisis intervention, having worked extensively on SARS, the Sichuan earthquake, the Asiana air crash and the Malaysian Airline MH370 disappearance, helping the victims and families in their difficult times. He is a frequent guest on TV, including multiple appearances on CNN, CGTN, CCTV, etc. The German publication <Die Zeit> called Paul Yin "the topographer of the modern Chinese soul". His love for the younger generation led him to Dalton where he not only teaches but also works with parents. He has published several books, including his memoir <Explosions of Joy>.



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