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The British Physics Olympiad

Congratulations to Dalton Student, Zheng Jiaxuan, for winning the Global Gold Award (Global Top 10%) in the British Physics Olympiad (Intermediate & Senior Physics Challenge).

The British Physics Olympiad was initiated in 1979 and has been used as a qualifier for the selection of the UK Physics Team for the International Physics Olympiad since 1983. The Senior Challenge is an exciting opportunity for students to stretch their lateral thinking skills and apply fundamental physics principles to novel situations. The paper includes short answer questions that provide an excellent tool to assess and challenge student's ability to work at Key Stage 5 and beyond. The Intermediate Physics Challenge is a single, one-hour paper that is suitable for Grade 9-10 students (Standard Grade or equivalent level). The paper includes a traditional problem-based set of questions that aim to test students' knowledge and understanding of basic physics principles.

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