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PKUS Delegation Visited Ressu Upper Secondary School

Dr. Ma Yuguo, Principal of the Affiliated High School of Peking University (PKUS), Dr. Zeng Yao, Head of Dalton Academy, and Song Weiqing, Chinese Liberal Arts and Independent Research Program teacher, visited Ressu Upper Secondary School in Finland.

Principal Ma Yuguo and PKUS delegation first visited Ressu Upper Secondary School's National Curriculum Program Campus. Three students from the National Curriculum Program and the IB Program introduced basic information about Ressu Upper Secondary School to the PKUS delegation. The PKUS delegation also attended different courses in Finnish to learn about the use of class materials, assessment, course selection system of the national curriculum, etc.

The PKUS delegation also visited Ressu Upper Secondary School's IB Program campus, visited the school library, student lounge, classrooms, etc., and attended Pre IB and IB English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Chinese, Environmental Science, and Societies, etc. The delegation also participated in the traditional Finnish high school prom of IB DP1 (senior 2) students, aiming to celebrate that senior 2 students are about to become the oldest students on campus.

Finally, Principal Ma had a meeting with Principal Ari Huovinen of Ressu Upper Secondary School and discussed the future cooperation plan of the two schools. Principal Ma hoped that the exchange program between the two schools could be resumed as soon as possible, and Principal Ari also expected more in-depth cooperation between the two schools.



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