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Make Our Learning Deeper and Wider

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The journey leading us to this year’s Experiential Learning Project has already been full of adventure, ultimately leading to 295 students participating in projects that span across four different continents. The planning and preparation of 18 projects has been an entire year’s work including members from Dalton’s community and beyond. Throughout the year, we have relied heavily on the skills, interests and connections possessed by students, teachers and family members. We are truly blessed to have such a passionate and talented community.

From November 7th-20th, students engaged in investigation, ideation and creation working across disciplines and stepping out of their comfort zones. Projects cover a wide range of topics that range from field research into black rhino habitats in Kenya to mindfulness and self-authorship in Beijing, giving students opportunities to explore the world and themselves through multiple lenses.

None of this would be possible without the hard work of teachers, administration and the ELP coordinators in particular. The experiential learning program coordinators Jojo and Gaoqing have put in a massive amount of passion, care and thought into each and every one of the 18 projects that will take place. Their ability to serve a link between the learning that takes place at our school and the outside world has been an inspiration to witness.  


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