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Dalton Academic Award

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Dalton Academic Award Ceremony was successfully held on October 15th. Dalton Science Fair Award, Independent Research Program Top 10 Award, and Dalton Academic Award were recognized in the ceremony. Around 10 students (top 3%) from each academic department were honored with a certificate and a pin for their performance and significant progress.

At the end of the last semester, Dalton Academy organized the third Dalton Science Fair, a two-month science event co-hosted by Physics, Biology, and Chemistry Departments. It was surprising that many students integrated the three disciplines' knowledge into their science fair projects. Dalton Science Fair projects were presented in the form of posters, videos, and presentations, aiming to create a genuine academic conference atmosphere and cultivate students' scientific literacy.

The Independent Research Program (IRP) is one of the most important programs at Dalton Academy. Every sophomore and senior student can choose a topic based on personal interests and complete a year-long research under the guidance of supervisors. Students can learn and utilize university-level research methods and English writing skills during the project. The Top 10 projects were nominated by supervisors and selected by teachers from different disciplines.

The Dalton Academic Award is nominated by faculty members in each discipline department and only the top 3% of students can be awarded. Students who won the Dalton Academic Award received a pin designed by each discipline, which is a great recognition of students' performance and academic ability in various disciplines. At the same time, the Dalton Academic Award will be awarded to Dalton students with a spirit of cooperation, a sense of rules, a sense of social responsibility, appropriate behavior, and empathy.

Congratulations to all the winners! Dalton Academy looks forward to more excellent research projects and outstanding performance in the future.


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