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PKUS Dalton Academy's Science Exhibition

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

At the end of the semester, a comprehensive science fair was hosted by the Dalton Academy. Along with highlighting research from the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics, the fair also showcased the interdisciplinary research abilities of Dalton students.

The physics projects this year fell under the theme of electricity. The students sought to shorten the distance between book knowledge and practical application by creating a project that demonstrated their understanding of the principles of one object in the field of electro magnetics. Despite the constraints of “physics” and “electricity” the students created interdisciplinary projects incorporating physical chemistry, biophysics, information engineering, and the utilization of new energy.

Students were surveyed and responded positively to the event. Among those surveyed 68% believed that expansion of knowledge was a positive externality of the fair while 49% believed that increased understanding of physics’ real life applications was also beneficial.

Author: Christopher Mahoney / Hongshan

Photo and Poster: Dalton Science Department


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