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Dalton Alumni Reunion

Since 2010, Dalton Academy has cultivated more than ten classes of graduates from all over the world. On the Dalton Open Day, each class of alumni in Beijing returned to Dalton Academy, wandering in their Alma Mater, visiting teachers, and reminiscing about past time at Dalton Academy.

Head of Dalton Academy, Dr. Zeng, and Department Chair of Physics and Engineering, Dr. Ma were invited to the reunion to welcome and chat with alumni. Alumni reminisced about their happiness and gains at Dalton Academy and shared their study and life after graduating from Dalton Academy and their current achievements.

Dalton Academy hopes to continue to strengthen our connection with alumni all over the world via the Dalton alumni association. Meanwhile, we highly welcome alumni who come back to Beijing to revisit Dalton Academy!

Please click the link ( or scan the QR code below to register your contact information to connect with Dalton Academy!

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