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The 8th Dalton Physics Show

Science fiction films have always been a fascinating topic for high school students, combining cutting-edge physical theories and phenomena in the plots. However, irrationality sometimes happens in these films.

The 8th Dalton Physics Show focuses on the physical phenomenon in science fiction films. Students accurately captured plots about force and motion in the film and conducted research on the related physical principles, applying physical concepts such as inertia, momentum, and friction they learned in Physics class for research and calculation to analyze the rationality of the plots. During the two days of the Dalton Physics Show, students vividly presented their research results via a variety of visual aids.

Dalton's annual physics show not only shows Dalton students' creativity and talents but also bridges academic theories with the real-world context. Through the physics show, students have an in-depth understanding of physics and explore the innovative imaginations in film production, effectively combining physics and art study.



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