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Senior 3 Independent Research Projects Ceremony

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Dr. Roger L. Russell

Student independent research is a fundamental part of the Dalton philosophy of education. Other elements such as experiential learning, flexibility in course selection, a 'house system' for student organization as well as bi-lingual and bi-cultural pedagogy enable Dalton faculty, staff and students to frequently push the edge of educational practice.

On Thursday, May 30, 13 students were recognized in a ceremony celebrating their extraordinary work for their Senior 3 Independent Research Projects.  It was especially encouraging to hear from their IRP supervisors about each student’s passion and initiative over the course of the whole year.

Besides recognizing the Senior 3s, the ceremony also served to help current Senior 1s and Senior 2 students to better envision how they can use future research efforts to grow and demonstrate their capacity as independent learners. 


温欣 Wen Xin - The Effect of Representative Punishment and Reward on Public Goods Game and its Application on Group-work Simulations

Hakem Al Meqdad - The Educational Status of Syrian Refugee Students in Jordan

王逸飞 Wang Yifei - Lie detection based on facial expressions using an artificial intelligence algorithm

张而弛 Zhang Erchi - The Existence and Cause of Regional Discrimination in Modern Beijing 

申雅萱 Shen Yaxuan - Analysis of Jordan’s Potential Instability: In Relation to the Increasing Number of Refugees Living in Jordan 

王润语 Wang Runyu, 靳嘉桐 Jin Jiatong, 张弛 Zhang Chi - The Tale of Seven (game design)

陆欣瑶 Lu Xinyao - Comparison between Bosch and Dali 

顾海威 Gu Haiwei - Enhance the Accuracy of Computer Simulation of Dynamics with Time Interval Adjustment

王思涵 Wang Sihan - Student Experience in Non-traditional Learning Spaces

程巾格 Cheng Jinge - Integrated Marketing Communications’ Effectiveness in Practice: A Case Study (Starbucks and Luckin Coffee in China)  

高笛飞 Gao Difei - Behind the Success of Hamilton: A Comprehensive Analysis of One of the World’s Most Acclaimed Musicals  

Scan the QR code or copy the link below to have access to the 11 Independent Research Projects!


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