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Dalton Research Symposium

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Dates: Dalton Research Symposium will be held July 7th & 8th

Locations: Art Room, Creative Design Space and the 6th Floor Open Space

Dalton Research Symposium – A social event where students can share their research results with their peers. It is jointly held by the Affiliated High School of Peking University Dalton Academy’s Independent Research Program (IRP), Physics & Engineering and Biology & Chemistry Departments.

The Dalton Research Symposium is held every academic year towards the end of the spring semester. It is a two-part event comprised of the Science Fair and IRP Symposium. Senior one students will present results their physics, biology and chemistry research. Senior two students will display and share their research processes, as well as the fruits of their research over the past year, pertaining to the topics of Social Science, Environment & Biology, Physics & Engineering, Gender Studies, Educational Justice and Youth Psychology.

Here you will get a feel for the passion of the Research Symposium --

Here, not only will you gain knowledge from various realms, get a feel for the research process’ ups and downs, we will also provide you with full access to Q&A and social exchanges, you can actively converse with teachers and classmates on the topic of their research projects, from there you can create a better plan for choosing classes and research topics.

Here, you will experience - -

Thought exchange and stimulation: Looking at different angles within research topics, you will develop a deeper and more complete understanding of these realms. Looking at different realms of research projects, you will expand the own boundaries of your own knowledge along with exercising multi-curricular critical thinking skills.

The Q&A segment encourages classmates to enter into a more enriching discussion, recognize the shortcomings of knowledge, exchange their own understandings, and at the same time share the struggles and precious experiences that they encountered and accumulated during their research processes.

If you’re interested in the detailed schedule and arrangements of the Dalton Research Symposium, they’re on the way, stay tuned! We welcome all students to come take a look!

Author: Wendi Cui, Fan Jiatong, IRP Team

Translator: Christopher Mahoney



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