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Dalton Major and Career Exploration Lectures

At the end of this semester, Dalton Academy organized a series of Career and Major Exploration Lectures by inviting Dalton alumnus and industry professionals, aiming to help senior one and two students deeply explore future majors, learn about different industries, plan for high school life, and connect with Dalton's rich alumni resources and industry resources.

The alumnus shared their study plan at Dalton Academy and gave useful suggestions on college selection and major exploration, emphasizing that students should seize the time and improve efficiency. Meanwhile, they mentioned that Dalton's interdisciplinary courses, rich social activities, worldwide experiential learning programs, and university-level independent research programs not only increase students' knowledge and ability, but also provide a strong support for college application.

Professionals, including senior management in a US branch of China's top commercial bank, an associate editor of a famous newspaper in Beijing, a well-known China Media Group journalist in the United States, and a partner of a top domestic law firm, shared their rich study and career experiences, offering unique opinions for students' major selection and career planning. They also introduced professional information in their specific industries such as job responsibilities, career prospects, and requirements to enter related industries.

Through these lectures, students have a deeper and clearer understanding of their high school planning, major selection, and future career choice. Thank the alumnus and professionals who selflessly share their valuable experiences with the younger students!



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