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Dalton ELP Talk and Exhibition

On September 22nd, ELP Talk and ELP Exhibition were held in the Black Box Theatre and the Library Lecture Hall respectively. ELP Talk covered all ELP programs and invited parents, teachers, and students to watch and vote for their favorite programs.

Every ELP Talk speaker made an impressive speech. It is worth mentioning that Yu Fuxin explained the difficult biological experiments with humorous language. Zhou Keyu and Bai Xuan told stories about the process of filming the documentary. By sharing her real experience with Alzheimer's, Ding Ruoxi proposed her thoughts on life, which made the audience weep.

The three most popular ELP programs voted by audience are: Characterization and Pathological Analysis of a Neurodegenerative Disease Mouse Model (Yu Fuxin), Western Sichuan Aba·Video Documentary Theme (Zhou Keyu, Bai Xuan), and Yi County Rural Revitalization- Public Welfare E-commerce Marketing (Yang Zhexian). Congratulations to them!

Dalton’s Experiential Learning Program focuses on experience and study out of the classroom. ELP Talk and ELP exhibition allows students to visually present their efforts and results in ELP, stimulating students' interest and motivation.



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