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Recently, Dalton students have achieved excellent results in various international Mathematics competitions.

Seven Dalton students, Chen Qihao, Zhao Ran, Zhang Yuxuan, Niu Yide, Zhao Jinxuan, Wu Xinyue, and Wang Anqi, achieved outstanding results in American Mathematics Competition (AMC) and qualified for American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME). Congratulations to them!

Five Dalton students won Intermediate Mathematical Challenge - UK Mathematics Trust, including six Gold Awards (Wang Anqi, Li Xuanyi, Wang Zihan, Xiang Keyu, and Xiao Chengyun) and one Best in School Award (Wang Anqi). Meanwhile, Wang Anqi qualified for Maclaurin Mathematical Olympiad (a follow-on round to the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge). Congratulations to them!

Thanks to Dalton teachers from the Mathematics department for their support! We're looking forward to more outstanding achievements!



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