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Access to Peking University-Dr. Xia Bin’s Professional Lecture

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

On October 18th, Dr. Xia Bin, a Professor from the Peking University College of Chemistry & Molecular Engineering, was invited to share cutting-edge knowledge of Analytical Chemistry with Dalton students in a high-level Chemistry class.

Dr. Xia Bin started with Covid-19, sharing information about Covid-19 variants, death toll, and sequela and introducing the worldwide pandemic trend, different methods of nucleic acid tests, and the development of corresponding medicine.

After that, Dr. Xia introduced the wide application of Analytical Chemistry as an interdisciplinary subject in Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and other fields. Then, Dr. Xia explained his main research field in detail, which is analyzing protein structure and macromolecular material by nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum.

Dr. Xia's vivid lecture empowered Dalton students with cutting-edge knowledge, broadened students' horizons, and demonstrated the huge demand for interdisciplinary academic abilities in future scientific research.



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