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BDFZ Dalton Academy Received the International ACAC Opportunity Grant


Due to the efforts Deputy Head of School and Dean of Faculty Ms. Aileen Lee, the Affiliated High School of Peking University's Dalton Academy was awarded the  International ACAC Opportunity Grant. The grant supports refugee students who have had their education disrupted by war conditions. Students of Dalton Academy have since dedicated their time and effort to tutoring refugee students, helping them prepare for the Tawjihi exam. Thanks International ACAC for recognizing the importance of higher education for refugees!

Dr. Spencer Fowler Shared Powerful Models for Remote Learning at Scale in Dalton 

 The coronavirus has inarguably caused change. Whole societies are responding to it, including our wonderful educators at Dalton. 

On April 4th, Dr Spencer Fowler joined Dr. Zhao Yong's interview The Silver Lining for Learning and shared how did Dalton's educators and learners take school online and make learning more authentic, more relevant to the real world, more learner-centered during COVID-19 pandemic  . 

Find out more in the video and visit their website :

Congratulations to Aileen Lee on receiving the 2020 International Association for College Admission Counseling's Rising Star Award !

Congratulations to The Affiliated High School of Peking University School Group Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Director of College Counseling Ms. Aileen J. Lee on receiving the 2020 International Association for College Admission Counseling's Rising Star Award!

Ms. Aileen J. Lee is passionate about education and supporting those disadvantaged in life. Aileen played a crucial role in supporting and enacting The Affiliated High School of Peking University's first-ever Access Scholarship whereby bringing marginalized youth from the Middle East to Beijing with the opportunity to complete their secondary education in one of China and the worlds leading high schools. 

Aileen's conviction does not go unnoticed. Her story is compelling and inspirational.  And she has planted the Access Scholarship seed within the International ACAC network at every opportunity. Aileen is being recognized by her peers, distinguished for her commitment to public service, social justice, and addressing international inequality to access higher education. 

Congratulations and thank you to Ms. Aileen J. Lee, a game-changer in the world of college counseling. 

Studio Interview of Dr. Spencer Fowler with CGTN “Culture Express”

The movie “Better Days” is causing a sensation across the country. It has continuously won the single-day top score since it premiered on Oct 25 in China. And it’s led to discussions nationwide. Dr. Spencer Fowler, CEO & Superintendent of International Programs, BDFZ Education Group, and Max Yang live from Shanghai, who is producer joined the studio of Culture Express to discuss why is this movie so popular, not only among young people but all of society? And what are some effective ways to help students who are bullied?

Find out more in the special program!

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