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Residential Life

When the final bell rings, the student’s day has just begun. Residential life provides an array of opportunities to students, including activities such as dumpling making during the Winter Solstice, Mother’s Day candle making, posting New Year wishes on a wish wall for Spring Festival and baking cupcakes, cake and pastries for each other’s birthdays. Likewise, students have participated in competitions such as the International Cultural Themed Trivia Competition, testing students’ knowledge of religion, economics, entertainment and dining. Together these activities supplement the academic elements of a PKU Dalton student’s life, welcoming another dimension that allows students to not only relax, but also connect with their peers, pass on their experiences to underclassmen and partake in community service projects. 


After school, students have access to a range of facilities that facilitate their self-study time. For students who are enrolled in online courses they have access to three classrooms with monitors to provide a classroom experience to supplement their online curriculum. For students who need to work in large groups, debate or work on group projects there is a large discussion room that creates a private focused setting. For students who need to concentrate and minimize distractions, there is a designated quiet room. Aside from these specialty use rooms, there is an Innovation Lab where the majority of students enjoy working that balances the concentrated studying of the quiet room with student’s eagerness to collaborate.


Head Down to the Innovation Lab! 

What’s Going on at the Innovation Lab?

Residential Life Coordinator Gao Xiaoyan decorated the entrance of the Innovation Lab with New Year swag that included lanterns, banners, Spring Festival couplets and more. For the next week, students and teachers alike can head downstairs to snap some pics at this “selfie-station” created to provide you with a peppy Spring Festival themed backdrop. 

Last Thursday, at the onset of this display, students partook in a host of activities making dream catchers, using dried flowers to creatively decorate photo frames, discussing their future plans and even recording their New Year’s wishes for family, friends and faculty with mobile phones and cameras.

Making Dumplings During 冬至

Roots of the Chinese Compound Word 元旦

The two characters 元 (Yuan) and 旦 (Dan) form the compound term 元旦 (Yuan Dan) meaning the beginning of the new year. While the single character 元means start, the character 旦 is formed by two radicals 日 (Ri) and 一 (Yi). While 日 evokes imagery of the sun, with a literal translation of “day”; 一 evokes imagery of a horizon, and translates literally to “one”. When combined to form the character 旦, the two radicals 日 and  一 evoke imagery of a new day rising up from the horizon. In conjunction with 元, the compound term 元旦symbolizes new life and rising hope. 

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