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At Dalton Academy, we aim to cultivate Chinese and global citizens who have the courage to face any challenge. We adopt the task-based learning method of the famous early 20th century educator Helen Parkhurst. Today, her Dalton Plan is the foundation of global education.

Curriculum Overview

Targets of our curriculum

  1. Focus on teaching process and details, developing critical thinking and the spirit of exploration.

  2. Provoke curiosity, and cultivate life-long learning capabilities.

  3. Cultivate senses of collaboration, leadership and responsibility.

  4. Encourage self-discovery, self-motivation, and self-growth.

Features of our curriculum

Bilingual Liberal Arts Education: 15-20 student seminars, encouraging students to participate in critical discussions that are advocated by top liberal arts colleges. Meanwhile, our rigorous mathematics and science courses fully integrate advantages of Chinese educational methods blended with diversified experimental learning.

Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Diversified Education: we utilize the lingual skillsets of our faculty and students to encourage the multicultural and interdisciplinary research. We lead students to read classic literature, and explore communication barriers that have risen between diversified cultures. Similarly, Dalton breaks through traditional disciplinary boundaries through close communication with our diverse faculty, a variety of elective courses, and student led project learning.

Experiential Learning and Service to Society: we encourage our students to fully utilize learning opportunities around us in order to deepen their personal exploration, growth in experiential learning and service to society.

Independent and Active Learning and Research: Just like Parkhurst, we attach great importance to developing students' curiosity and autonomy. What students continue to experience throughout their learning is an open research process: students are guided by their teachers to come up with ideas, conduct research, implement plans, reflect on the process, and then restart. Students will spend the last two years working on a variety of independent research projects and participating in a wide range of electives.


Research Focused

Project-based Learning

Writing-based Learning 

Socratic Seminars 

Harkness  Methodology 


Core Requirements

  • English Liberal Arts

  • Chinese Liberal Arts

  • Integrated Math

  • Global Studies

  • Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

  • Writing Lab

  • Independent Research Program

  • Physical Education (P.E.)

  • Information Technology (I.T.)

  • Art

  • Experiential Learning Program

Elective Courses

  • Global Studies Track

  • Mathematics Track

  • Sciences Track

  • Liberal Arts Track

  • Fine Arts Track

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