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Gaby Dong

Gaby has joined Dalton for 6 years. She has 11 years of working experience as a college counselor, and 5 years as the director at The Affiliated High School of Peking University. She has lots of leadership experience of guiding students through college applications, organizing events, collaborating with different departments, supporting school administration, etc. She is also experienced in building college counseling systems and teams, as well as train and work with counselors from different campuses and help them build and manage the counseling office. Gaby is passionate about promoting, sharing college counseling knowledge to others and fostering the relations between China and the world. She also would like to help to build and strengthen the counselors’ career development by creating more opportunities for each other. Gaby has built strong connections with counselors and admissions officers around the world. She is also actively volunteering in many organizations. She is the member of International ICAC, ChinaICAC and Beijing Academy of College Counseling, etc. From 2022 to 2023, she also serves as the sub-committee member of ChinaICAC to help more and more counselors in their professional development.

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