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The Co-op Program provides our students with supervised, career-related experiences; community service practices; and university research opportunities that enhance professional development, while enriching the Dalton learning experience. 

Students have the possibility to choose from 28 organizations!


  • Provide work experience, which is related to the student’s career goals or interests.

  • Develop student understanding of employment demands, responsibilities and opportunities.

  • Provide training and meaningful career experience.

  • Encourage students to give back to the community.

  • Give the opportunity to students to understand research methods, formulate research questions, collect and analyze data, and draw conclusions.


  1. Learn valuable lessons in human relations and communication.  

  2. Identify your ideal working style and the type of job you want to do in the future.

  3. Get hands-on experience in the field of study of your choice. 

  4. Have a more competitive résumé and enhance your chances to get selected for the best universities abroad. 

  5. Develop your network and get the chance to be recommended by your supervisor and colleagues. 

  6. Understand your personality and gain a lot of self-confidence. 

  7. Familiarize yourself with the industry you are interested in for college. 

  8. Go through training and get feedback on your performance. 

  9. Develop various skills that will help you land your next internship.

  10. Explore your field of interest while growing both personally and professionally.

  11. Get real-world experience which will help you land your first job after college. 

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