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It is with joy and immense pride that I formally welcome our newest community members as well as our returning students and faculty to the commencement of the 2021-2022 academic year. Now more than ever, our beacon of light shines brighter with the realization that the global educational systems are broken, and these shortcomings can no longer be ignored. 


Imagine a school where students are empowered to choose their academic path and explore their passions — together. Imagine a school where students work with expert faculty members to create a curriculum that is relevant in today’s complex world. Imagine a school with diverse faculty, yielding top academic credentials, who marry industry with higher education.  


Dalton Academy is that incubator, that accelerator for students and faculty who are single-handedly transforming the educational landscape, and contributing to numerous fields with one purpose in mind: to change the world.  

If we are to advance, we must rethink how we approach education. The teaching, learning, or impact are not meant to be contained to a single campus or community. In fact, it is the opposite. Those of us fortunate to learn at Dalton must seek out opportunities to benefit those outside of our hallways. More than our status, wealth and credentials, we will be remembered for our commitment to others, and how we confronted the challenges before us. 


We at Dalton Academy inspire education like no other. Founded in 2010, Dalton Academy was created as a lab school to lead China’s educational reform efforts, empowering its students to address and tackle real-world issues. 


Welcome to Dalton Academy. Your path, your future. 


Dr. Spencer A. Fowler   

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