September 2019

Dear Dalton Academy Community,

Welcome to what I believe is the most exciting learning community in the world. The Affiliated High School of Peking University - Dalton Academy is a school that is forever shifting and changing, where teachers and students are empowered. Functioning as a lab school for Peking University, we strive to offer an organic learning experience that is highly student-centered, research-focused and authentic.

This year, students will have the opportunity to explore four different continents through experiential learning projects, while also conducting academic research and striving to create meaningful change through independent research. Faculty members with decades of teaching experience at secondary and post-secondary schools will use their experience and expertise to guide students to create and generate work that simply could not exist without the freedom and support from staff.  While we expect academic excellence, we recognize and resolutely believe that there is more to school than classes, subjects and marks.

Going beyond the walls of the classroom, we seek to support our community members to push and expand their own boundaries using their unique talents and passions to better the lives of others within and outside our school. Those who embrace this freedom as an opportunity will be rewarded with a rich learning experience that will be carried with them beyond their time at Dalton. Together, we will understand and confront the inherent challenges that face our world and seek to give students the knowledge, skills and dispositions to face those issues head-on with courage, responsibility and integrity.

Much like the ambitious and successful Chang’e space project, I hope that we can harness the positive energy and excitement of the new school year to slingshot us forward, reaching outcomes that were once thought impossible. On behalf of the school’s leadership team, I wish our community the very best of luck and success in 2019-2020.


Dr. Spencer Fowler


CEO and Superintendent

The Affiliated High School of Peking University’s  Dalton Academy

Haidian District, Beijing Huangzhuang, Beijing, China  (Zip code: 100190)

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