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Max: Our Round Square Representative

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I am the Affiliated High School of Peking University's Round Square Representative. Participation in Roundsquare adds a level of credibility crucial for building student character. If you focus only on academic excellence you'll miss out on crucial components of life. I think this is a very good opportunity for students to get outside of the classroom and experience with all of their senses as opposed to solely their eyes.

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Roundsquare at Dalton Academy

There are seven representatives at our school with a predetermined amount of delegates per class. In the senior three class, equivalent to a senior, there are four delegates who have accumulated a breadth of experience and finely honed their leadership skills . In the senior two class there are two delegates who are provided an opportunity to increase their level of responsibility and contribution as leaders. In the senior year one class, there is only one representative of their respective class.

Among the seven representatives there are differences that can further be broken down. Mainly, they have different personalities. We play off of each other’s strengths. For example, I get the whole picture but am lousy on details, other leaders are better at the details, so we have these synergies amongst us that make use stronger as one unit. We become more well-rounded by rubbing each other’s good habits off on one another. There is never a dull moment. After determining that virtual meetings often result in suboptimal engagement levels we determined that meeting face to face on Thursdays is best for us.

PKU Dalton Contact

Director of Faculty: 

Aileen Lee

ELP Coordinator: 

Alice 高晓燕

ELP Coordinator: 

Jasmine 王晶岑

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