Dalton Academy’s first extension campus is nestled in beautiful, blued-skied Haikou city on the tropical island Hainan in the south of China. Built with the model of “One school, two campuses”, the school shares the core curricular vision of its Beijing counterpart, focusing on engaging, innovative, and student-tailored learning with small classes and a high teacher-to-student ratio. The program is built around student-governed Houses and a faculty-student mentorship system. Students in both campuses have year-round opportunities to collaborate, including shared, cooperative experiential learning trips, and student exchange programs.

The Affiliated High School of Peking University’s Dalton Academy – Haikou Campus is an internationally focused liberal arts program catering to students grade 10-12 who are looking for a unique and robust educational experience. Students are guided through the process of how to prepare for a competitive international post-secondary education with our in-house College Counseling and advisory systems.

Parents and students interesting in learning more, should contact:

Tel: 0898-6861 2619 /130 7897 2619

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