Dalton Academy’s Experiential Learning Program seeks to bridge the learning that is happening inside Dalton's walls to the outside world. By utilizing the unique passions, talents, and knowledge of our community members, we strive to take learning to deeper and more meaningful depths, providing students with opportunities to demonstrate a deep understanding of themselves and the world that surrounds us. 


Experiential learning projects take place every Fall and Spring.



Experiential learning is a cornerstone of the Dalton curricular program which requires the following of students:

  • Six credits upon graduation (one credit each semester)

  • Two credits for projects outside of Beijing​


​For each project students must complete:

  • Pre-course work

  • Project participation

  • Post-project reflection and analysis

  • Completion and presentation of an artifact


  • Jordan: Students who participated in the Refugee Studies course developed the Access Scholarship program which annually brings a student to Dalton to receive a subsidized education and the resources to obtain a scholarship to a university abroad.

  • Kenya: Students conducted guided field research on the habitat of white rhinos, working with the last male white rhino who has since died.

  • Guizhou, China: Students conducted ethnographic research guided by our Independent Research Project instructor focusing on ethnic minorities and development in Guizhou province.

  • Beijing, China: Students who participated in theatre courses independently developed their own piece in the span of a week which drew on various works of absurdist theatre and performance art.


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